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Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 08:52 pm
For anyone who hasn't guessed by now, this is the official announcement: There will not be a Power Rangers Day 2016 fic exchange.

I wish I could, and I will miss it it terribly, but between mandatory overtime at my work and a two month old munchkin in my life, I just don't have the time. -_-

My sincere apologies to anyone who was looking forward to it. With any luck, next year will find me in a better place to start the exchange up again.
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Sunday, October 18th, 2015 06:36 am
I keep meaning to post a status update lately, but I've been downing in Life.

Not Offline Issues. Just.


Thing the First: I have a new job! )

Suffice to say, it's been a really bad week. I'm trying to decompress for the weekend (hence the ranty post), but it's not happening as easily I need it to be. >.<

So. Moving on to happier things.

Thing the Second: I moved! I was finally able to move into a bigger apartment! I HAVE MY OWN ROOM. MY OWN BATHROOM. THINGS THAT ARE MINE AND SPACE THAT IS MINE AND I DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE IT. -Flails forever- My room looks like a storage unit right now because all I have is a bed and a lot of boxes but OMG MY ROOM!!!! \0/ Also a bigger kitchen and living room, and a balcony. Downside is that we have a flight of stairs now, but considering it's now only 10-15 minutes to work AND there's a bus I can take if I need to? NEW APARTMENT IS AWESOME. ♥

Thing the Third: I has new laptop!

Meet Kim: )

Other news ... Uh. I'm attempting NaNo this year, as always. I really don't know how it's going to work out with massive amounts of overtime, but I'm going to give it try. I think having my Kindle this year is actually going to help a lot, because I write on that on my lunch breaks sometimes. My goal is to write what I can during the weekdays, even if it's just a couple hundred words, and then OD on Code Red and ice cream to catch up on the weekends. I think even though NaNo is well, NaNo, and November is The Month of Doom, I really need to make the effort to write more for awhile. I'm a lot less stressed out after I write.

On which note, I am off to attempt to do some writing! Because Writing Therapy. It's important. ♥
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Saturday, August 29th, 2015 03:30 pm
The Power Rangers Day 2015 fandom friendship exchange is now open! Go forth and read all the AMAZING stories we have this year! ♥
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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 09:50 pm
By popular request, PR Day 2015 prompt requests are now available for Treats!

A few things of note:

- You do not have to be signed up to the collection to post a treat! If you do write a treat for someone, please be sure to post it to the Power Rangers Day 2015 Collection (Ranger_Day_2015) so that we can all enjoy it.

- Treats do not have a due date. If you feel inspired by a prompt and find yourself posting before reveals are up, GO FOR IT! If you'd like to take your time to work on your treat, feel free to do so!

- As Treats are not part of the official exchange, there is no minimum or maximum word count.

- All fics will be revealed this Friday.
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Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 12:09 am
After some consideration, the deadline for PR Day stories has been changed. Stories are now due by midnight MONDAY MORNING. That means please get them in by the end of TODAY, folks!

Let me know if you're having any issues!
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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 10:21 am
Friendly Countdown Reminder: Stories are due at midnight TONIGHT!

Please message me if you need any help!
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Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 09:57 pm
Friendly Countdown Reminder: Stories are due at 12:00am CST this Sunday!

Anyone concerned about meeting the deadline for any reason at all, please let me know as soon possible and we'll see what we can do.
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Saturday, July 11th, 2015 11:41 am
Last call to sign up for PR Day 2015! Signups close at midnight tonight!
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Saturday, July 11th, 2015 11:40 am
Last call to sign up for PR Day 2015! Signups close at midnight tonight!
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Thursday, July 9th, 2015 10:47 pm
Reminding anyone interested in PR Day 2015, signups will be closed at 12:00am CST on Sunday the 12th. Don't forget to sign up!
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Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 12:57 am

Today is sick day.

Shi-chan has sick for the past few days. As always, we have valiantly tried to avoid sharing. As always, my lazy pathetic excuse for an immune system laughed in my face.*

Unfortunately after hours of reading Teen Wolf and Pacific Rim and Avengers fic - the reasons for these transitions now eluded me - I have come to the conclusion that I really, really, really want an Alpha/Beta/Omega 'verse Samurai story. The plot is even halfway written in my head.

For the curious and/or horrified: )

Unfortunately everything I know about Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics comes from reading Avengers and like, one Teen Wolf fic. And the idea trying to research it enough to write this kind of scares me almost as much as the idea of actually going ahead and writing it.


I should really stop plotting fic when I'm sick ...

* I have a slight fever, a headache, and a sore throat that feels like I swallowed broken glass. Mostly I'm just tired and cranky and whiny.
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Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 05:37 pm
I'm pondering if I should combine my desire for Jayden and Antonio raising Jayden's daughter together with my desire for Samurai coffee shop AU.

You see, Wordsplat took this sign and made a really cute Avengers version with Steve/Tony. (Wordsplat is AMAZING, by the way. Go read everything she's ever written. Seriously, GO.)

I've been contemplating whether or not Closeted needs a sequel. Originally I had planned to write one, but then everyone who read it has commented sees to love it as an answer to canon. Which. -Writer Squee of Happiness- But now I'm not sure if it needs a sequel after all?

But then I read Wordsplat's fic and saw the sign for it, and now I'm thinking Antonio and Lauren end up working in a coffee shop together post-Samurai and Antonio is an indie musician on the side and they are BFFs. Although I haven't decided which former Ranger/Rangers would own/be involved in this, and I'm kind of scared that it may turn into the coffee version of Ranger's Rest if I'm not careful.


(Seriously there are Reasons for these things in my head but they take too long to explain and no one really understands my trail of thought anyway.)

So now I want Samurai Coffee AU, or at least Samurai Coffee Shop fic, (Or Rocky/Adam Coffee Shop fic, because I can so see this for them too), but I also want Antonio/Jayden with babies, and a happier ending to splitting them up, and ALL THE FLUFF*.


* I spent the last two days marathoning Men in Black, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (for Towel Day), Shounen Onmyoji and Haruoki with Shi-chan. The last two BROKE MY HEART. (She has a genre, even if she denies it.)
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Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 11:38 am
Today is not quite the day I'd hoped it would be so far, but I'm cheerful and happy enough that I mostly don't care.

There has been lots of reading of good fic. Wordsplat, on of my favoritest Tony/Steve authors started another adorably fluffy story with Medieval Tony/Steve. It is very cute and kind of heartbreaking, but in a good way. And then [personal profile] guardian_of_hope posted the story of FEELS AND THINGS AND JUSTIN with The Only Thing That Stays The Same. I may have squealed loud enough that I had to cover my mouth and be very glad that earlier I decided against moving to the living room where Shi-chan is currently sleeping.

I'm hungry now though, which sucks because I don't want to wake her and I wants eggs and veggie bacon ...

I finally have somewhat of fingernails now, for the first time in my life since I was six years old. They're not super-long or anything, but they're long enough that texting and typing has become annoying, and I've accidentally scratched myself a couple of times. Shi-chan bought me some sparkly gold nail polish awhile ago, so today I decided to paint my new nails in celebration. I'm a little sad because it turns out they're actually clear with gold sparkles and not sparkly gold, but it was a fun experiment. Now I'm pondering getting plain gold to paint the sparkles over, and trying to come up with a scenario in which Antonio would have sparkly gold fingernails because I can totally picture this now.

And cheesy eggs with veggie bacon has now been achieved! ^^V

I have plans to play games with Brother today, but I keep staring longingly at Changing Tactics and wondering if it will finally start cooperating so I can finish the chapter of Antonio/Jayden fluff. Also because I was reading [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl's post about Remix, and I was thinking about doing it. Then I realized that Changing Tactics is already sort of a remix of [personal profile] punkpinkpower's lovely Roads Untraveled and was amused. I still like the idea though, if I could think of something to do for it.

I'm also contemplating posting my [community profile] queer_fest prompts, but there's one I'm hesitant about, because as much as I really love the idea (I was thinking of [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl and her love for Adam at the time), I'm not sure if it will be accepted under the rules of the fest. >.O

Mostly I'm kind of being lazy today even though I shouldn't be. But damn, it's nice.

-Trying to find willpower for gaming-
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Saturday, February 15th, 2014 10:01 pm
My Yahoo Horoscope for today was very appropriate:

Your secret life may be more interesting than your public persona today -- so indulge in whatever you do that's just for you. Your energy is great, and you may ponder opening up somewhat.

It wasn't a conscious decision to follow through with the suggestion of something just for me, but in the midst of cleaning the apartment (Shi-chan's mom's is coming for a visit, and her plane lands ... well, she's probably in the airport by now.), I found myself reaching for my mini-notebook while I was taking a break. I'd started a short Valentine's Day-themed Antonio/Jayden story a couple of days ago, while I was hanging out at work waiting for my ride home. I started typing it up, and the next thing I know it's finished and I'm adding to A Valentine for Everyone on Fanfiction.net and re-posting it on AO3.

It was a good idea, I think. I've spent most of the past week stressing about New Job and how much I don't know and what I need to do to know more. The last few nights were dedicated to research for New Job. I'm constantly thinking about it or talking to Shi-chan about something that happened or asking her about something I don't understand.

But today, I cleaned and wrote about Antonio sending Jayden valentines and watched PR slash vids. And I feel a lot less anxious about work than I have since I started. I still want to do continue my research, because if I'm going to be doing this job, damn it I am going to do it to the best of my ability. But right now? Just relaxing and thinking about fluffy Samurai things is very soothing.
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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 07:43 pm
I'm pretty sure I mentioned at some point last year or the year before that [personal profile] rosabelle dared/challenged me to write 1,000,000 words in one year.

Or we challenged each other. I can't remember now.

Either way, I've been keeping track of my monthly word count for the past year. Today I opened the file for it out of habit (I always add my words for the day to this file, partly for keeping track of my count and partly because it gives me a back up if I need it), and realized 'Oh, yeah. I should tally it up, huh? Seeing as this is a new year now, and all.'

Dude. I wrote 184,244 words last year. That's including typos, but still. 184,444 words. My count for 2012 was 56,959. That's more than three times the amount of words. And I actually finished NaNoWriMo for the first time EVER. After like, five years.

I have kicked total writing ass this year. I am RIDICULOUSLY proud of myself right now.
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Sunday, December 1st, 2013 12:33 am
I need a funeral for my brain.

It was a good brain. It served me well throughout its life. It went on odd tangents, but it was entertaining at times. A little twisted, but fairly reliable. Sometimes.

R.I.P. Brain. You will be missed.

(I have a bunch of pretty Winner banners I wanted to post, but Dreamwidth is being mean and arguing with it is a lot harder to do with no brain.)

Oh, sure. *Now* it works. -Rolls eyes-
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Sunday, November 17th, 2013 01:06 pm

Yes, I'm still another 13,000 behind. (I hope to write another 5,000 by the end of the night, but I'm not counting on it.) But I don't care. Because I have 15,000 words, damn it.

I am fucking AWESOME.
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Saturday, November 16th, 2013 12:49 am
[personal profile] punkpinkpower is lovely and fabulous and has good taste in jewelry, and I love her. ♥

(We knew this, but it always bears repeating. Always.)

In other news, my NaNo is currently plodding along at 12,684. I don't even care that I'm 13,000 behind because damn it, they are *there*, and I am STILL WRITING! -Fist pump- Seriously, that is all I care about this year. As long as I'm writing, that's what matters to me.

That, and I ended up taking a break from Space Pirates with Dragons to pay attention to ShinyAntonioMuse because he was DEMANDING my attention, and he has rewarded me with Changing Tactics, which is an AU where Lauren stayed with the team, while Jayden was sent off to master the sealing symbol and grew up with Antonio. It's turning out to be loads of fun. I have no idea what's going on half the time.

* ETA: Before I forget to mention it (again), I've posted my Birthday/Holiday Wishlist for this year. Because it's that time again. -Eyes Friends List pointedly-
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Thursday, May 16th, 2013 03:23 pm
I can honestly say that this is the first time I have ever been asked to enter my birthday for the sake of researching a story.
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Friday, May 3rd, 2013 02:27 am
Spent most of this afternoon/evening frantically trying to write one of my prompts for [community profile] queer_fest, because I had maybe 250 words and no actual plot, and I couldn't remember if I was supposed to be posting it on the 2nd or 3rd.

Snagged the computer after Brother headed off for work, and discovered that particular prompt isn't due for posting until the 6th. The prompt that I haven't even started on - ironically the one I'd thought would be the easiest - is due tomorrow. I have some vague thoughts of what I wanted to do with it, but no actual plot.


* ETA: Wil Wheaton is amazing. ♥