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Friday, June 3rd, 2016 10:49 pm
Today's Life With Kid Revelations:
  • The song Stacy's Mom now makes me uncomfortable.
  • The saying that parents/a mom never eats a warm meal is not an exaggeration.
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Sunday, May 15th, 2016 02:17 pm
I know there are AMAZING fathers out there in the world somewhere. The kind of dads who are so competent they look at you funny because why the hell would they be anything else. Who love their kids fiercely and get comments about how it's so nice to see a dad being involved with their kid and they just sort of stare back and go 'Uh. Yeah?' because what else would they be?

If you are or know one of these dads, ALL THE KUDOS and appreciation to you. You rock. -Fist bump- This post is not about or for you, so please don't take it personally.

I just don't see many competent dads around me these days.**

Back in January, I shared the news that I'm going to be a co-parent. We are now literally days from the impending arrival. My future minion/nephew is set for induced labor on the morning of Tuesday May 17th. (Coincidentally, I laughed so hard when Dreamwidth informed me that's [personal profile] punkpinkpower's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE YOU'RE GETTING BABY FIC. Kidding. Probably.) I am officially spending my last few hours as an unattached adult. (Excluding my AMAZING girlfriend and her adorable kids, of course. ♥)

I am excited, terrified, and still occasionally questioning if this is all an elaborate prank for which I will END Shi-chan.**

I'm also struggling with being the only other parent in my kid's life. )

But that's someday.

Right now, I have a partially clean apartment full of baby things and chores to do. I have my Heart Sister, who I make jokes with about evictions and try to remind her it's just two more days. I've got anxious cats to reassure because they know Something Is Up and they do not like it. I've got my Amazing Girlfriend who laughs at me when I'm in New Parent Mode and reminds me daily how incredibly lucky I am to have her in my life. My family is getting bigger, and that's wonderful and amazing and scary all at once. ♥

In two days I'll have Z, my baby nephew, and that's when everything changes.

* I originally planned to rant about another deadbeat jackass in this post. I rant out of steam before I could properly find the words for ranting after a lot of keyboard smash and raging about being an asshole to your kids.
** I told her this. She laughed and told me she still has to look down and remind herself there's a baby in there sometimes.
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Saturday, January 16th, 2016 01:27 am
I keep telling myself to make a Life Updates post one of these days, since I'm 99% sure I haven't posted since like, November. HAH NOT EVEN CLOSE - October 18th. But 'Drowning in Life' is still very appropriate. And Life and Work and Things are happening all over the place and I'm too busy to even write, and if that doesn't tell me that my life is out of order, I don't know what does.

So, let's start with a journal post.

Work is craziness and awful and awesome and exhausting and challenging and craptastic and so many things all at once. )

In other news, I have a new Health Issue: )

As for bigger news, my roommate/best friend/Heart-Sister Shi-chan is pregnant. )

-Yawns- I think my thoughts are finally winding down again ...

Shi-chan's birthday was today, and some friends took us out to dinner. They are FABULOUS people, and we all had a great time. These friends are an amazing couple that blow me away every time I see them. Like I'm being reminded once again just how much I genuinely like them both. They're the kind of couple that balance each other out: she ranted to us about her awful day, while he listened patiently and nodded along with occasional annoyed commentary on her behalf, and later she listened patently while he gushed at me me in great detail about a movie that I'd reminded him off and how much he loved the beer he'd ordered and half a dozen other things. They also share this fantastic ability to somehow energize the people around them. I'd been fighting a nap all afternoon, and after two and a half hours with them, I'm just now getting sleepy again, four hours later.

And he wore a kilt to dinner. With a T-shirt with a lionhead symbol on it. He's good people. ^_^

Watching them also made me think about my own romantic relationship, and just how happy I am in it. It was a lovely feeling. ♥

It still feels like there's so many fun and crazy stories I should be telling. Laughing hysterically at the carwash this morning because Shi-chan's car had been horribly bird-bombed the night before, and it was so bad the guys working there were laughing too and offered to run us through the automated system again. My new New Nintendo 3DS, in pretty sparkly deep red. My newest game, Story of Seasons, which is both beautiful and adorable and I have no idea WTF I'm doing. Seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a co-worker and her husband and having an amazing time. (Finn is THE BESTEST and POE OMG POE and oh yes #ishipit.) My lovely and amazing girlfriend and her adorable kids that alternatively completely accept me in their lives despite having never met me and have no idea why I'm interested in their lives at all. Being SURROUNDED by pregnant women, like it's in season or something. (I'm at three, waiting for confirmation on a fourth.) Hunting down dragons for Shi-chan's baby theme because It's All Target's Fault. Discovering the wonderful show The Librarians and finding an interpretation of Santa Claus I have actually been able to not only accept and enjoy, but nearly been brought to tears by. Various Crazy Cat Antics because Things Are Changing and This Is Not Acceptable. Making DC Comic jokes at work and discovering people who actually get them. Being torn between wanting to write Charlie's Drama Story and wanting Antonio/Jayden cuteness and fluff. My intense hatred of Windows 10 and my fierce desire to see it burn in hellfire.

I suppose it's still life. And I'm still living it. Which leaves me feeling much better about things than I did when I started this post. ^.^
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Sunday, October 18th, 2015 06:36 am
I keep meaning to post a status update lately, but I've been downing in Life.

Not Offline Issues. Just.


Thing the First: I have a new job! )

Suffice to say, it's been a really bad week. I'm trying to decompress for the weekend (hence the ranty post), but it's not happening as easily I need it to be. >.<

So. Moving on to happier things.

Thing the Second: I moved! I was finally able to move into a bigger apartment! I HAVE MY OWN ROOM. MY OWN BATHROOM. THINGS THAT ARE MINE AND SPACE THAT IS MINE AND I DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE IT. -Flails forever- My room looks like a storage unit right now because all I have is a bed and a lot of boxes but OMG MY ROOM!!!! \0/ Also a bigger kitchen and living room, and a balcony. Downside is that we have a flight of stairs now, but considering it's now only 10-15 minutes to work AND there's a bus I can take if I need to? NEW APARTMENT IS AWESOME. ♥

Thing the Third: I has new laptop!

Meet Kim: )

Other news ... Uh. I'm attempting NaNo this year, as always. I really don't know how it's going to work out with massive amounts of overtime, but I'm going to give it try. I think having my Kindle this year is actually going to help a lot, because I write on that on my lunch breaks sometimes. My goal is to write what I can during the weekdays, even if it's just a couple hundred words, and then OD on Code Red and ice cream to catch up on the weekends. I think even though NaNo is well, NaNo, and November is The Month of Doom, I really need to make the effort to write more for awhile. I'm a lot less stressed out after I write.

On which note, I am off to attempt to do some writing! Because Writing Therapy. It's important. ♥
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Saturday, June 20th, 2015 10:58 am
It occurred to me awhile months ago, that I haven't posted about my current life status in a long time. So ... here it is.

I'm still alive!

For anyone who has seen the news about Texas flooding, yes, there is water everywhere. Yes, Dallas and parts of Austin were that bad. While I do live around Austin, I don't live in the area that's been on the news. My area just has a lot of puddles and thunderstorms. >.O But yeah, the weather has been hot and wet lately; just the kind of summer we need! x.x

Work has taken over my life. )

Oh! AMAZING new supervisor! )

-Takes a deep breath- Wow. Uh. Yeah, I have Work Feels. I won't be hurt if anyone skips over that. c.c;;;

In other news, I will be even busier next month! PR Day signups will *hopefully* be up by this weekend. Still deciding on various deadlines due to various Life Drama distractions, but yes, it will happen.

I will also be moving into a bigger apartment in twenty-four days! \0/ With the new job and our lease coming up, Shi-chan and I agreed it's time. I WILL FINALLY HAVE MY OWN BEDROOM. -Cries- In the meantime there is packing and utilities to start up/shut off and stuff to go through or throw out and OMG SO MUCH STUFF. x.x But IT WILL BE WORTH IT. ♥

As for this weekend, I intend to play some World of Warcraft with a friend, and *hopefully* get more work done for Changing Tactics/Ruigi. Hopefully; characters are being difficult. But mostly I am going to relax. Because OMG WEEKEND. x.x
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Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 11:38 pm
So I survived the Yearly Holiday Rant, much to my relief now that it's over.

I did end up participating in the gift exchange in the end. )

I ended up with a five day weekend due to the holidays. I spent most of it leveling characters on World of Warcraft to de-stress a bit after the two weeks of hell.* It's a lot easier to play now, which is nice.

On the Friday after Christmas, Shi-chan and I went car shopping )

My other current distraction keeping me from the internets is an adorable anime Shi-chan discovered called Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. )

But for now, I'm just trying to make it through the week at work, reading gay porn on my phone when it's slow.

As it should be.

* Video Games: Technology's way of making mass homicide legal.
** Yes, I am constantly forgetting the name. It stands for World's Greatest First Love.
*** I realized today that the plot would make a great post-letter Tommy/Kimberly story ... and sort of already is, except with two guys. I've been trying to unsee it ever since. x.x
**** Surprisingly not kidding about the reading gay porn at work, at least today.
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Saturday, October 25th, 2014 04:15 pm
Also just realized I haven't posted since the end of August. Whoops. x.x I keep intending to, but I'm usually too damn tired to think clearly enough to say anything.

I'm still working at Prison. I really need a better name for it. It still sucks, and people suck, and it's exhausting, but I'm getting better at it. )

On the downside, there has been life drama, and between that and training I've been too exhausted when I finally get home at night to do much but make dinner, check updates, read or play video games for an hour or two, and go to bed. Still haven't managed the bedtime thing yet, either.

Life drama centers around the car this month, which has apparently decided it hates October. )

So for today, there is food, and relaxing. Possibly Sherman and Mr. Peabody, because I wanna see it.

After that, who knows.

* When my supervisor asked me if I would cross-train, he assured me that this line is a lot of black-and-white issues. HAH.
** Someone made a crack at me the other day: "It's something you wouldn't understand: it's called a social gathering." I still can't wrap my mind around why she said it. It felt very high school, and I suddenly felt very old.)
*** Fucker started following me right after I'd slowed down because I realized I'd accidentally been speeding before I noticed him, caught up with me almost half a mile later and paced me to check my inspection sticker in the window, then pulled me over to give me a ticket for the sticker. When I showed him the paperwork for the fail the day before, he took my license and insisted he *had* to write me up for it. Even though I told him I work while the DMV is open, and I specifically took next Friday off to go deal with it. (Which is not why, but I will be.) -Still so pissed-
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Sunday, August 31st, 2014 11:35 am
Two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from my last temp agency. I wasn't sure what to make of it. )

I finally made a decision. And I decided I wanted to be happy.

I called them at the end of my lunch hour Friday. It took fifteen minutes: she pretty much confirmed that all my information on file was still valid, I had worked there before but there was nothing preventing me from returning, and the only thing they needed from me was a copy of my IDs. I was technically being hired as a backup for second shift in case someone didn't show up for orientation, but it was a good chance I'd be in. It turned out the reason I had trouble recognizing/finding their phone number was because it was actually from the agency's regional office, which happens to be in Arizona. I just needed to e-mail my IDs and confirm I'd be at the next morning's orientation. I called my work to tell them I was having car trouble and wouldn't be returning from lunch, because I needed to get these things taken care of today. (Ironically, the car did start smoking. She hates stoplights in summer.)

It felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders at that point. Because it was done. I decided that my happiness was more important to me than my paycheck, and it was the right decision. I could feel it.

And then the Saturday Orientation happened. )

I'm ...

Well, there are a lot of emotions for me right now.

I'm pissed. I'm I-want-someone-fucking-fired-for-this-bullshit pissed. I confirmed over the phone that I was previously employed; I confirmed twice in the orientation that I was previously employed. People are being fired for shit like pulling up personal information on company computers, and you're telling me that the only reason I can't come back is because I didn't rank high enough? That you shouldn't have wasted my time, gotten my hopes up, and made me lose out on four hours of pay because oops you shouldn't have fucking contacted me in the first place? FUCK YOU.

I'm hurt. Heartbroken, really. Because I got my hopes up that I could go back to the company I adored, and the job I enjoyed, and all the friends there that I miss. I decided that being there was more important to me than making more money, only to be told I can't because I'm not good enough to work there. I was excited about work again. I was planning to work on my game this weekend, and figuring out all the things I'd need to do and be ready for on my first day of training. And now I'm not. Because I'm just not good enough.

I've been trying to fight off depression by being logical. I still have a job. I can keep looking for another position within the company, and hope that something comes up. I can keep looking for work elsewhere. I'm not out on my ass again, like I was before. It just means that everything is the same as it was last week.

But logic isn't as helpful as we'd like it to be when all you want to do is scream and rage and cry because everything is wrong and isn't getting better after all.

P.S. To everyone who posted for PR Day, THANK YOU! So many lovely stories! ♥ I will get to reading and commenting soon. I just ... need some time first.
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Thursday, December 26th, 2013 12:05 am
I am feeling very ragey at the world right now.

There are many different factors behind it, but it boils down to things involving love and who to love, and faith.

I'm angry enough that I have reached the point of being unable to formulate curse words. (This is a thing that happens. I have no idea why.)

There are a lot of ways I could channel this rage I'm feeling. Most of them are unavailable at the moment, or illegal. These things are not mutually exclusive.

Instead I have chosen to do a Yahoo search for 'fluffy happy things' and link a few pictures:

Fluffy Socks Demotivational
A Bowl of Ducklings
A Rainbow on the Street
A Tree Covered in Star-Shaped Lights

And now I am going to drink my purple tea ('Passion' - it was a Christmas present) and play Harvest Moon for the next three hours or so.
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Thursday, October 17th, 2013 10:27 pm
I fucking WIN AT LIFE today.

I took my driving skills test, and PASSED. Details. )

It still doesn't feel quite real yet, honestly. I keep waiting to wake up and realize I dreamed the whole thing.

So then what did I do?

I worked out! )

Brother then decided to offer a celebratory gift of a cupcake from the Amazing Cupcake Place in town that I adore but never get the chance to go to, plus a delicious drink that was practically a dessert in and of itself. Which, granted, not the best thing to do right after exercising, but I need to adjust my calorie intake anyway. As it is, I ended up putting the cupcake in the fridge for tomorrow because the drink more than satisfied my tastebuds for the day.

Since coming home, I've also downloaded and installed Microsoft Word for Zack, and filled out a job application. (I doubt anything will come of it, but the attempt was made.)

So, yeah. I AM AWESOME.

And now I shall celebrate by indulging in my god complex some Sims 3.
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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 01:37 am
Today In Summary:
  • Stayed in bed reading Super Cute Tony/Steve fic for hours.
  • Attempted to take my written test at the DMV, but couldn't because we got there after 4:00. Instead took the time to check about my Proof of Residency stuff, which wouldn't have worked, so they gave us a paper for Brother to sign agreeing that I live at this address instead. Now all I have to do is kidnap someone long enough to go take it.
  • Helped Brother join a gym.
  • Went to the NaNoWriMo meet up for my region. There were Zombie-themed notebooks and pencils. I won a pie.
  • Went to the gym as Brother's guest, where we met up with Little Brother. There was initial confusion as to how to use the machines, but Little Brother coached us. It was surprisingly fun.

I'm calling it productive.
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Monday, October 14th, 2013 04:40 pm
Still not dead.


The Septic Situation still continues ... )

And in the middle of ALL of this, Brother's dad was given a puppy.

He's a pureblood black lab, seven weeks old. Because he came through a friend, he was practically a steal. (They said he wasn't papered, but Brother's mom said something about registering him today? So I dunno.) No name yet; Brother's dad is currently debating Shadow, Sly, and ... I can't remember what it was now, but there's something else.** He's very sweet and incredibly cuddly. He's also not housetrained, likes to chew shoes and clothing - while you're wearing them - and barks and cries if he can't see you in his line of sight. Brother and I got four hours of sleep his first night here because he would *not* settle down and sleep. Last night we bought earplugs; I managed eight and a half hours, but then had to get up because I could still hear him even *with* the plugs. >.<

Brother's dad smiles everytime he looks at him.

We'll learn to live with the noise.

* Lucky, meanwhile, is extremely Not Happy with the new dog, poor thing. Not to mention all the construction. She's been pretty miserable. The puppy on the otherhand, ADORES her. We're pretty sure it's because she's part black lab herself, and she looks like lot like a smaller version of his mom. She's tolerating him for now.
** I personally suggested Shadow, Crybaby, and Bug, short for Cuddlebug. I got faces for the second two, no matter how appropriate they are.
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Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 05:08 pm
The Septic Situation continues ... )

But you know what? I don't care. I really, truly don't mind any of it.

And do you know why?


Yesterday was also my appointment with the neurologist. He said that after two years of being seizure-free, one of which I haven't even been medicated*, he saw no reason why I shouldn't be allowed to drive again. He also said that I don't need to keep taking my seizure meds anymore, as I obviously don't need them. I'm not tossing them into the trash or anything, but he thinks it's entirely likely that my brain has healed itself. Even better, he pointed out that if no testing has ever found anything to explain them, he probably would be wasting both of our time signing me up for more. He did a reflex test, and promised that if we brought back the paper I need from the DMV saying that yes, I'm medically cleared to drive, he'd sign it.

Guess where our next stop was?**

So I now have a piece of paper that clears me to drive again and a driver's handbook. All I need is to read the book enough to refresh my memory for the written test (I mostly have trouble with remembering specific numbers they ask for), and a car to take the driving test in. (Not Brother's, because he has two giant cracks in the windshield.) $50 in fees, and I will be licensed again.

$50, and I can have my freedom back.

Even the mess dowstairs can't ruin just how happy I am right now.

* Two years without seizures. One year without medication. That blows my mind. ♥♥♥
** Okay, technically we went to the mall first. We both needed a restroom, and we wanted to stop by Game Stop so I could trade in my broken original DS now that I have my 3DS. I used the trade-in credit to buy the Dragon Valley expansion for Sims 3. 'Cause DRAGONS. And elves, but the dragons are the obviously important part.
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Sunday, October 6th, 2013 09:21 pm
So the Issue we've been dealing with for the past couple of days is not only not going away, it's getting actively worse. I genuinely hoped and prayed didn't think that was possible. As of now, we're on water restriction (we'd thought we were in the clear, but no dice) and trying to get ahold of someone to attempt to fix the septic tank instead of just letting it 'drain out' like we'd been hoping it would do.

The smell is killing my nose no matter how many windows I open. Between having difficulties with breathing in general and the fact that we have open windows when it's forty degrees outside, I'm not sleeping very well.

-Bangs head against the wall- Can I cry now?
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Friday, October 4th, 2013 11:22 pm
Today came with a fun wake-up surprise early this morning. Brother poked his head into my room to tell me there was a puddle in the laundry room downstairs, and asked if I could mop it up while he was at work. I guess I acknowledged this at some point? He claims I responded at least.

I actually thought I'd dreamed it. But I went downstairs this afternoon and yes, there was a fairly large puddle of water taking up a small portion of the laundry room. I mopped it up, tossed the mat that had soaked up a good portion of it into the washer, mopped up what dripped, and headed back upstairs to take a shower and deal with dishes.

Brother got home, and we both took some time to eat and digest a bit before he went down to check on the puddle to make sure it hadn't come back.

That's how we learned that the septic tank is leaking.

I'll spare you all the disgusting details. Luckily for us, there was a neighbor with a special tool who came over to switch something to make it drain out in one of the pastures around here. So the water coming in has stopped, leaving us with clean up.

Unfortunately, this is a split-level house, which means half the downstairs is actually underground so we can't just sweep/mop it out the door. And 98% of it is carpeted.

We ended up going to Wal-Mart to look for a Rug Doctor, because we already knew the shop vac they have wasn't going to cut it. Instead, we ended up buying a carpet shampooer because a) the one his parents had disappeared like, two years ago when someone borrowed it and never gave it back, and b) Brother figured we could use another one around the house anyway. We also stopped for milkshakes at Jack in the Box, because we agreed that we needed them. Desperately.

Between the two of us using the shampooer just to vacuum up the water, we've pulled up more than seven gallons so far. And the carpet is still squishy in places. We only stopped because we're both exhausted, and he has work in the morning. It's already been discussed that the carpet is more than likely going to need to be replaced; at the very *least*, the padding underneath has to go. (Fortunately they have a stash somewhere, so it won't be near as pricey as it could be. x.x) Someone's going to be making a call to the carpet cleaning specialist they use tomorrow or Monday, depending on when they're open, but they probably won't be here for a few days.

The one good thing he and I have both agreed on at this point is that his parents aren't here: they're visiting family until next week. And with all the Drama that's been happening lately, we're both really glad they don't have to be around to deal with it. Which sucks to be us, but it's something.

... I think it's time to make a Life Dama tag.