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tsukino_akume: (Fanboys Unite Icon)
Thursday, August 13th, 2015 08:39 pm

July was hell. I spent the entire month moving into my new(!!!) apartment. (Seriously. >.<) Among other work-related issues. I may rant further on the subject in a future Life Updates post.

More importantly, PR Day assignments are due next week! ohshitohshitohshit While I was gone, a Very Important Question was posed that ... honestly had not occurred to me until asked. So, in all fairness, I decided to offer that question up for debate.

PR Day participation not required. ^_~

PR Day 2015: Reveals
tsukino_akume: (Well Good Icon)
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 06:46 pm
Akume: ... hews89 just gave me the idea to give Lauren her own team that uses the parents' morphers.
Akume: STOP ME. x.x
Starlit_Purple: Ooh!
Akume: No! No ooh!
Akume: This is bad!

Akume: ... hews89 just gave me the idea to give Lauren her own team that uses the parents' morphers.
Akume: STOP ME. x.x
rosabelle: Why?

... And so, we have a poll. -_-;;;

ETA: And now I've already worked out the rest of the team in my head. I'm running out of reasons why this is a Bad Idea. (At this point I'm trying to cling to not needing another kid Ranger and failing. >.<)
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Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 01:16 pm
I actually managed to write something for Bright Skies! ... But then I couldn't make it fit. -_-;;; My only prompts left are Birthday and Holiday, which I *technically* already wrote for, but I don't think they fit with the way the story is now. I'll still keep them as side stories, but I'm trying to get the ending to flow better. Which lead me to re-reading and editing.

Don't worry, it's not a full re-write. (I promise!) I'm just trying to fix minor typos and things that I've noticed, and breaking up the chapters that really should have been made into two separate ones. A lot of them are already fixed on the Archive of Our Own version, but I wanted to fix/edit the Fanfiction.net version, too. Which lead into the debate of whether I should fix what I've posted on LiveJournal, and exactly how I should go about it.

So I made a poll! (Which unfortunately can only be found at LiveJournal, because I don't have a paid Dreamwidth account. -Sulks-)

Can you believe I first posted Bright Skies in March of 2008? I had it almost finished by December of the same year, except for the last couple chapters. I've been trying to end this damn thing for *four years*. x.x

Then after two days of glaring and swearing at Bright Skies, I decided to finally get off my butt and finish my master post for all my fanfics. Obviously this isn't it. I changed my LiveJournal layout too, 'cause I was getting bored with it.

Going through old entries was a bit depressing, especially over the past year. A lot's changed - not all of it bad, but not all of it good, either. I know it's the past, and all I can do is move forward from here, but it still left me a little sad.

Especially reading comments from psyco_chick32. )

Ironically somewhere between sorting old journal entries and editing Bright Skies and ADSoR, I found this vid.

At first it made me think of the beginning of Bright Skies, but it sort of fits how I'm feeling at the moment, too. The vid itself is gorgeous, but probably won't make any sense to anyone who hasn't seen/knows Final Fantasy VII. (Particularly if you don't know anything about Advent Children or Crisis Core.) But it's still pretty, and the song is lovely in a very bittersweet way.
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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 03:28 pm
So apparently I can't make a poll on Dreamwidth unless I have a paid or premium account. This highly displeases me, as I have a poll I wanted/needed to post.

My compromise is this: Please wander over to my LiveJournal and vote in my poll to help me decide something about Bright Skies. It would really help me out, so I would appreciate all the suggestions I can get. ♥