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Thursday, January 19th, 2012 10:38 am
Something about this song - awesome vid not withstanding - makes me think of Justin. Especially now that he's all grown up and .... yeah. Yet another song I'd love to see a PR vid to.

So ... I've been feeling a bit anti-social lately. Depressed, I suppose. I think more than anything I'm frustrated because I don't seem to be getting anywhere. At least, not where I *want* to be. I'm trying, but ... After awhile, it starts becoming harder to keep trying. Because there's only so much rejection and lack of progress a person can take. I'm not at the point of feeling truly hopeless - thankfully - but frustrated and worn. It's grating.

So I've been video gaming, or trying to. Just getting away from the computer for awhile. I played Final Fantasy VII until I got stuck at trying to catch a wild chocobo, which is a lot harder than it should be. -Glares at game- Then my AWESOME Shi-chan got me a charger for my NintendoDS and a new controller for my Playstation! -Beams- I spent several days playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, which is one of my favoritest games EVER. It's a slow game that requires a lot of planning and patience, but I enjoy it because it's very relaxed and laid-back. It's like meditation in a way, because I can focus on it without actually focusing on anything else. It helps clear my mind.

My character is named Andros, has a cow named Cassie, a beagle named R.J., and now a white horse named Zhane. Yes, I have a theme. ^.^V I'm also planning to buy a bull named Carlos, more cows, which shall be Maya, Kendrix, and Ashley respectively, and a sheep that will be named T.J. I've got a PR/Harvest Moon Plotbunny about an AU where Andros is a farmer who has dreams of another world where he's a Ranger, which results in him naming all of his animals after said characters, then finds himself digging up bones at the local archeological dig which turn out to be his own. Not sure if I'll write it or not, but there it is.

Then yesterday, the left analog stick of my new controller started sticking. Like, running MiniAndros into walls kind of sticking. Even when I'm not touching the stick. Which, since this game is run entirely off using the analog sticks, means I can't play it until I have a working controller again. ;_; I told Shi-chan and re-packaged it so she can get a refund, but I'm still incredibly bummed about it.

Also yesterday, I managed to drop and break Shi-chan's Sonic the Hedgehog figurine while trying to dust. I tried to fix it, but it kept falling apart in my hands. It turns out that it was one of the collector's editions. I'm seriously at the point that I don't even want to dust *any* of her action figures ever again, because I don't want to ruin them.

Suffice to say, it's been a bad week. >.<

Shi-chan's car was broken into (again) on Monday night/early Tuesday morning. They stole an iPod charger and iPod speakers. Nothing seriously valuable or unreplaceable, but I think this is like the fifth or six time it's happened? Maybe more? We're pretty sure we know why it happens, but it's not exactly a 'politically correct' reasoning. Which doesn't make it wrong, but.

Oh, and we heard gunshots ... Saturday/Sunday night? And the police helicopters have been flying overheard a few times. (It's not a great neighborhood, obviously. There's a reason it's cheap - at least for this area.)

We spent most of the past week/weekend introducing me to Bones, which I now adore.* I started watching halfway through when Shi-chan was catching up on Season 6**, and then we went back to the beginning so I could understand WTF was going on - we're on Season Four now. It's making me want to strangle most of the characters because they're being stupid. And mean. -Glares at them all and snuggles Sweets and various interns- There's more rant there, but that's another post.

The kittens are getting bigger - big enough that they're starting to jump up on things to explore that they couldn't reach before. Which means they're getting into EVERYTHING. >.< And their play-fighting is getting rougher, which means breaking them up before they seriously hurt one another. They're smart, too: I shut Sky in the living room yesterday to separate them and after several minutes of crying, he actually figured out how to open the door all on his own. (He came running in to tell me he was sorry. -Amused-) I'm glad to see them growing, but at the same time they're driving me insane. -_- Only a few more months until they can finally be neutered!

Oh, and my paid LiveJournal account has finally expired. This only matters because I will miss my many icons. -Sulks- Dreamwidth is turning out to be better than I expected after my last experiment with it, but I still want more icons. And my Anime Faces mood theme. The kanji is nice, but not the same.

Today I plan to cheer myself up with mindless coding! Namely posting stories on AO3 and working on my website. (Coding is another 'zen' thing for me; I blame my inner graphic designer.) I also plan to stare at FtD and Cataclysm for awhile in hopes of thinking of ways I can torture people. That's always fun. Feeling Emo much? OF COURSE NOT.

* It is a strange but true fact that watching Bones makes me hungry. I have no idea why.
** I want someone to write me a fic where Hannah and Brennan are teasing Booth about having a threesome. Initially I was all for an actual threesome, but now that I know Booth's VERY Catholic and would never go for it, I'm more entertained by the thought of the girls tormenting him while he's horrified by the idea.