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Sunday, September 1st, 2013 05:58 pm
Last night, I was explaining to [identity profile] arytra.livejournal.com about the Power Rangers Super Legends game I bought recently.

So here's a fun fact: Power Rangers Super Legends, which is a game clearly made by people who know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Power Rangers, has such a thing as Power Posing. It powers up your attacks for the next few hits. You press a series of buttons, and they do three poses, and there's a burst of colored smoke behind them and everything.

So yes, it is actually a thing. Assuming you believe the game which, again, not made by anyone who has EVER watched an episode. -Rolls eyes-

Which makes me sad, because the Dino Thunder game was loads of fun and surprisingly helpful on figuring out how the Zords work.

The game starts in the future with Time Force Blue running around, and Gluto shows up and steals ... something. I can't remember what now. And when you chase after him, Quantum Ranger appears to tell you what's going on and send you after him.

Then they steal some special crystal that's the only way Omega can get back to his dimension, and then suddenly you're in the Hall of Rangers or whatever it was called, which you use to go back in time to fight as/meet other Rangers. The first mission has you playing as the Red and Black Overdrive Rangers chasing down the guys who stole the Crown - except Omega shows up to explain what's happening. He tell you that the jewels they dropped that 'broke' are pieces of his Chrono Crystal that he needs to get back to his dimension. So you have to gather them up.

Their version of the Quantum Ranger creeps me out. It's like they transplanted Wes' personality into Eric's suit and it's SO WRONG. I've been trying to tell myself that maybe if I think of it as it's not Eric, it's the Quantum Ranger from Time Force, it won't be so bad. But the Quantum Ranger from Time Force in my headcanon isn't like this either, so it doesn't really help. >.O

Omega Ranger is ... not Sam. IDK who the fuck he is, but he's weird. Also, no one refers to anyone by name, and the voices are all wrong. (Although Will's voice and personality are passable.) Kimberly's is *deep*. o.O;;;

It's not a *terrible* game, but it's pretty much something I play for the button mashing and randomness factor.

Anyway, when I was telling her about this and all the OOCness, it spawned a comment:

Arytra: Maybe Wes stole Eric's morpher. Or... or... oh! Oh! Maybe in this reality, Eric was red and Wes was Quantum!
Akume: ... That would be kind of fascinating, actually.

For some reason, my brain started pondering how that would work this morning while I was in the shower. It's not that I can't see how it could happen - provided I stuck with my headcanon that Alex was descended from both Wes *and* Eric. But I have no plot. It's just a bunch of random scenes in my head.

Seeing as I was planning to attempt to work on Ambiguous Living Spaces today, this train of thought was less than helpful. So I tried to turn my muse's attentions to the scene I left off at last night instead.

Somehow that turned thinking about the Samurai AUs I've seen around (Which are all wonderful! ♥) where Jayden was the one sent away to learn the sealing symbol, and Lauren stayed to lead the team. My ShinyAntonioMuse took that thought and ran it into my Bright Skies universe. Suddenly I have a new bunny of Antonio getting adopted by Rocky and raised by the former Rangers, until one day a few years later, he senses Something Is Wrong with Jayden, and drags his guardians off to find him, and they learn that Jayden's caretaker died. Jayden gets taken in by Antonio's surrogate family as well, and the two boys grow up together, eventually coming to help the Samurai Rangers as a pair.

And *then*, while browsing DeviantArt today, I found this *fabulous* picture, Genderbend Edwin, by viria13. (It made me giggle lots. ^.^) The author's note had this to add:

A friendly artist tip: if you have no a clearest idea what to draw, genderbend some of your otps:33

My first thought was that I can't imagine that genderswapped Jayden and Antonio would be any different than the way I already write them. (I partially blame [personal profile] punkpinkpower and her adorable All the Boys and All the Girls for this.)

Arytra: I don't think it works as well with writers. ^_^;
Akume: That depends entirely on who you're writing.
Akume: Genderswap Wes/Eric would be *hilarious*.
Akume: ... GOD DAMN IT.

And now I'm drowning in bunnies, because Eric and Wes as opposite Rangers sounds interesting if not plotless. Jayden being raised by the former Rangers is ADORABLE in my head and my ShinyAntonioMuse approves of anything that gets him more Antonio/Jayden. And now I have ALL THE PMS jokes to make about Erica, and her epic bitch fights with Whitney. -_-;;;

I do these things to myself, really.
Monday, September 2nd, 2013 09:05 pm (UTC)
Question, if you genderbend Wes and Eric, does the same thing happen to Jen, or does this open the path for a new OT3?
Monday, September 2nd, 2013 11:19 pm (UTC)
Ah... sorry about adding to your bunnies then.
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 12:56 am (UTC)
I'd go to the trouble of making a graphic, but, well.