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Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 05:37 pm
I'm pondering if I should combine my desire for Jayden and Antonio raising Jayden's daughter together with my desire for Samurai coffee shop AU.

You see, Wordsplat took this sign and made a really cute Avengers version with Steve/Tony. (Wordsplat is AMAZING, by the way. Go read everything she's ever written. Seriously, GO.)

I've been contemplating whether or not Closeted needs a sequel. Originally I had planned to write one, but then everyone who read it has commented sees to love it as an answer to canon. Which. -Writer Squee of Happiness- But now I'm not sure if it needs a sequel after all?

But then I read Wordsplat's fic and saw the sign for it, and now I'm thinking Antonio and Lauren end up working in a coffee shop together post-Samurai and Antonio is an indie musician on the side and they are BFFs. Although I haven't decided which former Ranger/Rangers would own/be involved in this, and I'm kind of scared that it may turn into the coffee version of Ranger's Rest if I'm not careful.


(Seriously there are Reasons for these things in my head but they take too long to explain and no one really understands my trail of thought anyway.)

So now I want Samurai Coffee AU, or at least Samurai Coffee Shop fic, (Or Rocky/Adam Coffee Shop fic, because I can so see this for them too), but I also want Antonio/Jayden with babies, and a happier ending to splitting them up, and ALL THE FLUFF*.


* I spent the last two days marathoning Men in Black, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (for Towel Day), Shounen Onmyoji and Haruoki with Shi-chan. The last two BROKE MY HEART. (She has a genre, even if she denies it.)