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June 7th, 2014

tsukino_akume: (Fanboys Unite Icon)
Saturday, June 7th, 2014 03:22 pm
Today's Dilema:

a) Play Sims 3, using baby versions of all the Samurai Rangers with parents and raise them into adulthood so I can build all their skills and manipulate their interests.

b) Play Sims 3, using adult versions of all the Samurai Rangers, so I can have them paired off and being sappy as soon as possible in hopes of getting inspired for fic.
And 1) throw all seven Rangers in one house while hoping my computer doesn't have a heart attack and die, so that I can play with everyone at once. Maybe. Hopefully.
Or 2) separate them into a Jayden/Lauren/Antonio house, with Antonio/Jayden fluff and sibling bonding, and a Kevin/Mike/Mia/Emily house, with social experimentation to see which of them start to pair up first without manipulation. (Always fun.) These options may inspire me for Changing Tactics.

c) Play Sims 3, using the OC Rangers I created so that I can explore making them friends and get ideas about more origin stories.

d) Watch a couple episodes of Samurai in hopes of actually getting off my ass and working on more Changing Tactics. Not that they've inspired me so far, but hey, you never know.