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June 20th, 2015

tsukino_akume: (SPN Blah Icon)
Saturday, June 20th, 2015 10:58 am
It occurred to me awhile months ago, that I haven't posted about my current life status in a long time. So ... here it is.

I'm still alive!

For anyone who has seen the news about Texas flooding, yes, there is water everywhere. Yes, Dallas and parts of Austin were that bad. While I do live around Austin, I don't live in the area that's been on the news. My area just has a lot of puddles and thunderstorms. >.O But yeah, the weather has been hot and wet lately; just the kind of summer we need! x.x

Work has taken over my life. )

Oh! AMAZING new supervisor! )

-Takes a deep breath- Wow. Uh. Yeah, I have Work Feels. I won't be hurt if anyone skips over that. c.c;;;

In other news, I will be even busier next month! PR Day signups will *hopefully* be up by this weekend. Still deciding on various deadlines due to various Life Drama distractions, but yes, it will happen.

I will also be moving into a bigger apartment in twenty-four days! \0/ With the new job and our lease coming up, Shi-chan and I agreed it's time. I WILL FINALLY HAVE MY OWN BEDROOM. -Cries- In the meantime there is packing and utilities to start up/shut off and stuff to go through or throw out and OMG SO MUCH STUFF. x.x But IT WILL BE WORTH IT. ♥

As for this weekend, I intend to play some World of Warcraft with a friend, and *hopefully* get more work done for Changing Tactics/Ruigi. Hopefully; characters are being difficult. But mostly I am going to relax. Because OMG WEEKEND. x.x