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Monday, December 31st, 2029 11:45 pm
Finally made because even *I* was forgetting where the hell my old stories were. x.x

Summary: When Andros put Zhane into cryogenic stasis, he didn't wake up until he was completely healed - twenty-four years later. Zhane finds a new team, and S.P.D. tries to deal with the aftermath.

01.loss02.thrill03.losing control04.photograph
09.children10.dream11.public dining12.fire
13.peace14.kissing in the rain15.rock16.obsessive

Fortune Cookie Love Notes
      Summary:Zhane loves fortune cookies. Sky does, too. Fractured Fates Universe


Summary: When Astronema was defeated, the Astro Rangers gave up more than their Powers. Reporters, fans, and long-lost relatives are coming out of the woodwork as the team struggles to adjust to it all. Bright Skies Universe.

01.Shine 02.News 03.Flashlight 04.Busted 05."Who knew?"
06.Monolog 07.Hello & Goodbye 08.Devotion 09.Missunderstanding 10.Small Talk
11.Paradise Lost 12.Nightmares 13.Scare 14.Slander 15.Attack
16.Walk 17.Butterfly 18.Sock 19.Forget Yesterday 20.Evil
21.Boredom 22.Beach 23.Dinner 24.Headache 25.At first glance
26.Back to you 27.Road Trip 28.Midnight 29.Pancakes 30."Have you ever...?"
31."Play with me" 32.Jump for Joy 33.Peanut butter 34."Hey that's my shirt!" 35.Colour Wheels
36.Sports 37.Birthdays 38.Fireworks 39.No more Games. 40.College
41.Chicken Soup 42."Don't lick it" 43.Horizon 44.Fast Food 45."To Escape what we've become"
46.Snow 47.Mix tape (or CD) 48."You can't be serious" 49.Tarzan 50.Heat

      Summary: Justin isn't ready to forgive his friends, but Rocky's okay with that.
Favors and Phone Calls
      Summary: Just how *did* that fish end up in Carlos' hospital room?
A Dragon for Carlos
      Summary: Carlos needs a get-well gift, Karone needs to get out more, and Zhane Has a Plan to make everything better.


Summary: Antonio made many promises to Jayden over the years. He never broken any of them.

01.A Promise for Someday 02.A Promise for Family 03.A Promise for Loyalty 04.A Promise to Return
05.A Promise for Devotion 06.A Promise for Impossible 07.A Promise to Wait 08.A Promise for Silence
09.A Promise for Forever 10.A Promise to Understand 11.A Promise for a Future 12.A Promise to Greive
13.A Promise for Support 14.A Promise for Truth 15.A Promise for Answers 16.A Promise to Love You

Young Love
      Summary: Rocky and Adam meet their future son-in-law.


Summary: When Wes' life starts to fall apart, an accident gives him a chance at a fresh start in Newtech City, with Space Partol Delta. But even a new life has its ups and downs - and weird friends. Meanwhile, Eric tries to move on.

001.Beginnings002.Endings003.Somewhere In Between004.First005.Dead Last
006.Sunrise007.Sunset008.Too Much009.Not Enough010.Sixth Sense
011.Uh-oh!012.Success013.A Real Big Problem014.Save the Day015.Villain (antagonist)
016.King017.Queen018.Joker019.Sidekick020.Evil is Fun!
021.What was that?022.Water023.Fire024.Earth025.Spirit
026.Air027.Just Passing Through028.Music029.Fixed030.Broken
041.Deaf042.Reluctant Hero043.Parents044.Life045.Attitude
046.Leaving it all behind047.Black048.Morph! (change)049.Keeping It Secret050.Strangers
051.Zords(vehicles)052.Red053.Blue054.Writer's Choice: Offended055.Robot
056.Time Warp057.Pink058.Green059.Hours060.Welcome to the Club
061.Yellow062.What cool toys you have!063.White064.Friends065.Teammates
066.Enemies067.Lovers068.Family069.Thank You070.What has gone before
071.Heart072.Writer‘s Choice: Traumatized073.Healing074.Writer‘s Choice: Unforgiveable075.Storm
076.Diamond in the Rough077.Agony078.Snow079.Sun080.Rain
081.Winter082.Writer‘s Choice: Recovered083.Moon084.Breakfast085.Lunch
086.Dinner087.Star088.Spring089.Summer090.Resistance is Futile
091.Writer‘s Choice: Sleepless 092.Against All Odds 093.Fall 094.A New Year 097.Found
094.Drink 095.You only Hurt the Ones you Love 096.Lost 099.Holiday 100.Birthday
000.Epilogue: Future

      Summary: Of all the ways Adam could have learned he had a son in the future, only one of them came true.
A Tale of Five Carsons
      Summary: Bridge learns the meaning of the word 'adopted' and how it doesn't - and does - apply to him. Bright Skies Universe.
Fish Talk
      Summary: Jack finds himself confronted over a glass of water, and forced to deal with a family member he's not ready to have.
      Summary: R.J. makes pizza and ponders life, work, and his family.
How to Blow Up Time Force in Eight Easy Steps
Steps 1-4, Steps 5-8
      Summary: Eric is tired of Time Force taking what's his. The Newtech Rangers decide it's time for some payback. Wes was expecting a rescue mission, but this wasn't quite what he had in mind.
      Summary: Wes has been found, and the Newtech Rangers are finally together again.
      Summary: The Collins/Myers/Tate/Finn family celebrate the triplets' first birthday together.


Summary: The legacy of Wesley Collins and Eric Myers didn't just affect the past - it affected the future. One thousand years after they became Rangers, one person is still struggling against the corruption of Time Force and the heritage he never wanted.

01.Mistakes 02.Unwanted 03.Fallen Hero 04.No Choice 05.Pressure


Summary: He said they'd been chosen for a reason. He said they would fulfill his need for revenge, and then change the world. He said he'd given them a choice. He lied.

01.Choices 02.Homesick 03.Work in Progress ...


Fade to Darkness Universe Sidestories:
Harry Potter and the Ruby Destiny
      Summary: On the eastern side of the globe, one of the teams of the Earth Ranger Alliance has less than auspicious beginnings. 'Dysfunctional' is an understatement.


Ranger Bingo Card

Hurt/Comfort Bingo Card


The Backstories Verse:
Character backgrounds for every 'verse unless otherwise stated.

Stars Untouched
      Summary: He could name the exact day that his brother had begun to hate him.
      Summary: The men and women of the Angel Grove Police and Fire Departments fight to protect their city in the wake of new challenges.
Brothers in Arms
      Summary: Leo never thought he'd meet someone who knew what it was like to have a Mike - until the day he did.
The Life I Never Lived
      Summary: The Zeo Crystal changed more than just time.
Listening in Silence
      Summary: Andros has always hated silence.
The Wedding
      Summary: It all started with a wedding ...
      Summary: Leo finally finds his place on Mirinoi, but the rest of the team isn't so sure. And no one wants to be the one to tell Kai ...
Mother's Baby
      Summary: After Wes moves into the Clock Tower with the others, there's still one person he has to tell about it.
Breaking Routines
      Summary: Eric has a routine at Bio-Lab. And just like everything else in his life, it all centers around Wes.
Not Okay
      Summary: It wasn't Nikki Valentina who came to Reefside, and Megaldor's attack was a little more serious than a rash.
Tactical Discomfort
      Summary: Jayden's discomfort with physical affection is obvious. His newly-formed team - as lead by Mike - decides this is unacceptable, and sets out to fix it.
Time Skipping
      Summary: The trainees of the Timeline Research, Tracking, and Recovery Department of Time Force have their work cut out for them. Also their wallets.


PR One-Shots:
Metaphoric Superheroes
      Summary: Rocky suffers from a concussion, boredom, and a bit of self-doubt.

      Summary: Watching the results of the '08 election, Justin thinks of the people it impacts around him.
Frustrations of a Teenage Genius
      Summary: Justin's letter to Santa.

Confessions of a Pregnant Silver Ranger
      Summary: Being pregnant sucks. Especially when you don’t get the attention you demand.
Independence Day
      Summary: Two Rangers debate the meaning behind Independence Day now that their lives have been changed.
More Than a Fairytale
      Summary: Love wasn't the fairytale Cassie used to think it was.
Somewhere Out There
      Summary: Ashley misses their friends. Cassie does her best to make her feel better.
      Summary: Crash-landed in the middle of nowhere, Phantom is forced to finally meet Cassie face-to-face - and doesn't get quite the response he'd expected.

Lost Galaxy
Business as Usual
      Summary: Karone works undercover to find the Pink Quasar Saber. Unfortunately tonight isn't just another night at the bar.
      Summary: For the first time in years, Leo appreciates the holiday season in the way he was raised.
Lackluster Shine
      Summary: Kai and Kendrix discuss certain qualities about Leo.
Wake Up Call
      Summary: Fudge for breakfast, and a sexy-looking Kai practically in his bed. This had to be the best day ever. Sequel to Chapter 8 of A Valentine for Everyone.
      Summary: Mike gets a welcome home greeting he wasn't expecting.

Time Force
Tears at Midnight
      Summary: Wes wakes up one night to learn what being a 'team' really means.
Technologically Impaired
      Summary: Eric discovers LiveJournal. Kind of.

Kiss and Tell
      Summary: B Squad attempts to bond, and Jack learns a few things about Sky that he probably didn't want to know.

Season Crossovers
      Summary: Justin Stewart never existed. And he hated that only one person had realized it. (MMPR/Turbo)
      Summary: Andros has been fighting for a long time. There's only one place left where he feels safe enough to relax. (inSpace/Jungle Fury, RPM-era)


PR Mini-Series:
Little Brother
The Call; The Response; The Message
      Summary: After becoming a Ranger, Casey instinctively wants to turn to the two people who have always been there when he needed them most.

The Nocturnal Invader
      Summary: Mike has sleeping problems. Kevin has a 'Mike crawling into his bed in the middle of the night' problem.
Staying Mad
      Summary: In the wake of being mind controlled, Kevin deals with his own guilt and Mike's issues.

Soldier - Work in Progress
      Summary: When Astronema called for the Rangers to come forward to save the people of Angel Grove, she forgot that the ones she was looking for weren't the only Rangers on Earth.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
What She's Not
      Summary: Usagi may be Neo-Queen Serenity in the future, but Chibi-Usa knows better than anyone that she's not that person yet.


Chronicles of Narnia:
Understanding and Home
      Summary: Edmund finds himself fussed over after the Battle of Beruna, and begins to realize perhaps that isn't such a bad thing.
Fragile Wings
      Summary: In the aftermath of the Battle of Beruna, Edmund remembers forgotten subjects, bonds with his brother, and learns that even a traitor can become a king.


Detective Conan/Case Closed:
      Summary: There were a lot of things in his life Shinichi he could blame the Black Organization for. But this ... this was one thing he hated them for more than anything, even when another part of him was grateful for it.

The Importance of Words
      Summary: Sometimes nightmares linger long after the fight is over. And sometimes, we need to be reminded that actions speak louder than words.


Fullmetal Alchemist:
Goodbye to Heaven
      Summary: Roy doesn't take orders, but Alphonse does. Post-movie.


Harry Potter:
Behind Closed Doors
      Summary: The fifth year Slytherins return for another year of school and another round of plotting to get Draco and Pansy laid.
Inside Out
      Summary: Fred's always been one of the boys - except whenever someone decides he isn't.
A Sordid Romance
      Summary: The war may be over, but that doesn't mean the world has stopped gossiping about Harry Potter's lovelife - or his two girlfriends. Hermione fumes, Harry cooks, and Ginny does damage control.

The Wrong Words
      Summary: Sam never wanted things to end like this. But he would survive somehow, because he had to. Stanford Era.
Breaking Down
      Summary: Alone in the car for the night, Sam finally lets go in the wake of Dean's Deal. Minor Chick Flick Moment.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
The Painter's Princess
Safe; Honesty
      Summary: Raphael brings home a stray that makes him - and everyone else - see himself through different eyes.


The World That Never Lasts (Multi-Fandom AU):
Trapped Paradise
      Summary: When John Winchester died, Dean and Sam found themselves taken by a pair of strange women to a school on an island in the middle nowhere. Dean isn't dealing well.
Sibling Syndrome
      Summary: Sam wakes up in the middle of the night and finds himself tracking down his elusive family.
Love and Notebooks
      Summary: Nuriko assigned his brother a 'overview of my life' notebook. Duo is less than pleased. Heero is amused.


      Summary: As the celebrations die down, Lady Penelope reflects on Alan, Tracys in general, and how lovably predictable they all are. Post-movie.


An Honest Man
      Summary: "I gotta admit, I never thought I'd see the day someone made an honest man out of lady killer Colonel Mustang."

Mismatched Perfect: Telephone (Power Rangers Ninja Storm/Thunderbirds)
      Summary: After being freed from Lothor's control and nearly destroying his brother, Hunter makes a phone call in search of some reassurance.