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Saturday, June 7th, 2014 03:22 pm
Today's Dilema:

a) Play Sims 3, using baby versions of all the Samurai Rangers with parents and raise them into adulthood so I can build all their skills and manipulate their interests.

b) Play Sims 3, using adult versions of all the Samurai Rangers, so I can have them paired off and being sappy as soon as possible in hopes of getting inspired for fic.
And 1) throw all seven Rangers in one house while hoping my computer doesn't have a heart attack and die, so that I can play with everyone at once. Maybe. Hopefully.
Or 2) separate them into a Jayden/Lauren/Antonio house, with Antonio/Jayden fluff and sibling bonding, and a Kevin/Mike/Mia/Emily house, with social experimentation to see which of them start to pair up first without manipulation. (Always fun.) These options may inspire me for Changing Tactics.

c) Play Sims 3, using the OC Rangers I created so that I can explore making them friends and get ideas about more origin stories.

d) Watch a couple episodes of Samurai in hopes of actually getting off my ass and working on more Changing Tactics. Not that they've inspired me so far, but hey, you never know.
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Friday, May 16th, 2014 01:19 pm
My awesome job as a Secret Agent for The Borg has ended.

I wasn't fired or anything - the assignment as a temp ended. But they didn't hire me. I found out yesterday that the reason was my 'overall metrics', despite the fact that they REPEATEDLY told everyone that they don't hire based on that. And they don't want me back when they need more help later.

I'm bummed, to say the least.

I spent the last week mourning the loss. I LOVED that job. I loved the people, I loved the company, and I loved what I did. I worked my ass off learning their products and trying to understand my customers and up my productivity. Losing out on it hurts, because I really *wanted* to be there.

There were downsides to it though, which I've been reminding myself of. For one, I've written barely a couple hundred words in the past *three months* while I was working there. I haven't been on Yahoo consistently for ages, because I only recently discovered that my computer can handle gaming and chatting at the same time. My temper has been shorter, due to stress from work and lack of outlets as I wasn't writing or chatting as much. I spent most of my days off trying to recoup my energy to deal with another week, and I was cranky and stressed if I didn't get that one full day to myself. I was constantly worn out from the amount of time and energy I was putting into my work and my customers and my co-workers.

I was really happy, though. For the most part. -Sighs-

The good news is that I'm still employed by my temp agency. I talked to my handler yesterday, and apparently I'm high priority to get into a job now, which is good. Turns out they love that I finished my assignment with perfect attendance, didn't do anything specifically 'wrong' there, and I have admin experience. I'm still job hunting on my own, because I'm leery of how long it's going to take them to actually *get* me into a position, but I did get serious cred with them from this, so. That's worth a lot.


So I've been playing lots of Harvest Moon and things and reading fic. Browsing internets. Trying to get ideas for my Power Rangers Universe Building Exchange assignment. I'm finally halfway through re-watching Masked Rider, and have developing headcanon and the beginnings of a fic. Just two more spinoffs and eighteen seasons of PR to go!

It's not the end of the world, and I'm getting over it. I'm just ... not quite there yet.
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Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 07:21 pm
For anyone who remembers my thoughts on the Power Rangers Super Legends game, today I decided to test out my new copy of the Power Rangers Samurai game.

My first thought is to sulk, because there is no Antonio. Or Lauren, which I kind of expected, but ANTONIO. -Sulks forever-

Anyway. )

All in all, I'm kind of divided over what I really think of it. On the one hand, it's actually kind of fun. Also I find it to be better made than Super Legends was, as it actually seems to have been created by people who at least *vaguely* knew the characters. On the other hand, the story line is boring, the characters are all pretty flat (because they're from early first season, before we had any real development), and it's kind of the same thing over and over.

So far, anyway. I'm hoping it'll get better as I go along.

In other news, I learned that my newest story on AO3, The Essence of Betrayal is the first Wes/Jen/Eric story posted there. I'm both flattered and a little weirded out. I also found out when I was verifying this that out of the forty-three Wes stories on the site, five of them are mine. c.c;;; (I also feel very slightly guilty, seeing as The Essence of Betrayal is centered around Charlie and Sky and the Wes/Jen/Eric part is more of a background thing.)

Obviously the real answer here is that more people should write Wes/Jen/Eric. Because.

Oh, I should probably do something that makes me sound like a semi-responsible moderator, huh?

Power Rangers Appreciation Day Assignments have been sent out! Please be sure to thank [personal profile] rosabelle for this, as I was too busy feeling confused and intimidated by AO3's matching system while she was fussing over making sure everyone got the best assignments possible. If you signed up but can't find your assignment in your e-mail, please be sure to let us know.

Happy Procrastinating Writing everyone! ♥
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Saturday, September 14th, 2013 05:42 pm
This post has been brought to you by Madie, my new Nintendo 3DS. She is gorgeous and I love her and I will now be flailing forever. (Even if typing by stylus is incredibly tedious.) FOREVER.

ETA: Notes to self: Madie cannot do HTML or preview. Whoops.
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Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 11:09 pm
This has been a Bad Week. With Capital letters. There's been drama around the house, Issues all over the place, and today we learned really Bad News in regards to a relative's health.

So today, I took a Me Day. I dressed up in my fuzziest, warmest pjs, plopped my butt in a recliner, and apart from a short trip into town for Subway and icees, I've been playing video games all day. Harvest Moon, to be specific. Something that requires a lot of thought without actually thinking.

And now my battery is Dead.

By Dead (with capitals), I mean that it won't recognize the charger anymore. Which, since this is an original first-series DS I was given used from Brother, is really not a huge surprise. Logically speaking, it was bound to happen someday right? I mean, it's like eight years old.

Not so logically, I'm torn between screaming and crying right now.

Fuck you too, world.
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Sunday, September 1st, 2013 05:58 pm
Last night, I was explaining to [identity profile] arytra.livejournal.com about the Power Rangers Super Legends game I bought recently.

So here's a fun fact: Power Rangers Super Legends, which is a game clearly made by people who know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Power Rangers, has such a thing as Power Posing. It powers up your attacks for the next few hits. You press a series of buttons, and they do three poses, and there's a burst of colored smoke behind them and everything.

So yes, it is actually a thing. Assuming you believe the game which, again, not made by anyone who has EVER watched an episode. -Rolls eyes-

Which makes me sad, because the Dino Thunder game was loads of fun and surprisingly helpful on figuring out how the Zords work.

Power Rangers: Super Legends in Summary (So far.) )

It's not a *terrible* game, but it's pretty much something I play for the button mashing and randomness factor.

Anyway, when I was telling her about this and all the OOCness, it spawned a comment:

Arytra: Maybe Wes stole Eric's morpher. Or... or... oh! Oh! Maybe in this reality, Eric was red and Wes was Quantum!
Akume: ... That would be kind of fascinating, actually.

For some reason, my brain started pondering how that would work this morning while I was in the shower. It's not that I can't see how it could happen - provided I stuck with my headcanon that Alex was descended from both Wes *and* Eric. But I have no plot. It's just a bunch of random scenes in my head.

Seeing as I was planning to attempt to work on Ambiguous Living Spaces today, this train of thought was less than helpful. So I tried to turn my muse's attentions to the scene I left off at last night instead.

Somehow that turned thinking about the Samurai AUs I've seen around (Which are all wonderful! ♥) where Jayden was the one sent away to learn the sealing symbol, and Lauren stayed to lead the team. My ShinyAntonioMuse took that thought and ran it into my Bright Skies universe. Suddenly I have a new bunny of Antonio getting adopted by Rocky and raised by the former Rangers, until one day a few years later, he senses Something Is Wrong with Jayden, and drags his guardians off to find him, and they learn that Jayden's caretaker died. Jayden gets taken in by Antonio's surrogate family as well, and the two boys grow up together, eventually coming to help the Samurai Rangers as a pair.

And *then*, while browsing DeviantArt today, I found this *fabulous* picture, Genderbend Edwin, by viria13. (It made me giggle lots. ^.^) The author's note had this to add:

A friendly artist tip: if you have no a clearest idea what to draw, genderbend some of your otps:33

My first thought was that I can't imagine that genderswapped Jayden and Antonio would be any different than the way I already write them. (I partially blame [personal profile] punkpinkpower and her adorable All the Boys and All the Girls for this.)

Arytra: I don't think it works as well with writers. ^_^;
Akume: That depends entirely on who you're writing.
Akume: Genderswap Wes/Eric would be *hilarious*.
Akume: ... GOD DAMN IT.

And now I'm drowning in bunnies, because Eric and Wes as opposite Rangers sounds interesting if not plotless. Jayden being raised by the former Rangers is ADORABLE in my head and my ShinyAntonioMuse approves of anything that gets him more Antonio/Jayden. And now I have ALL THE PMS jokes to make about Erica, and her epic bitch fights with Whitney. -_-;;;

I do these things to myself, really.
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Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 03:38 pm
I've been playing Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns for the DS lately. Not sure why; sometimes I just get in the mood for Harvest Moon and find myself tied to it for a week or so. This is the first time I've played this particular edition - usually I stick to my beloved Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - so it's a learning experience. Definitely different from the one I'm used to.

Thoughts so far:

☀ Damn this version is a lot more complicated than I was expecting. o.O
☀ You can play as a boy or a girl, and focus on either raising animals or growing crops. For my first attempt at this, I picked a girl and animals, because they're generally less complicated. I named her Karone (I intend to name the boy version Andros), which has led to fun conversations about trying to get Karone laid.
☀ Upon introducing my character around her new town, I realized that the only marriage candidates I was interested in were the other girls. c.c;;; (I've picked a bachelor since then, but he lives in the other town.*)
☀ To make the larger animals like you (such as cows, sheep, alpaca, wild bears and boars), you talk to them. To make the chickens and smaller wild animals like you, you pick them up and throw them. The chickens get a little red heart over their head when I do it. I laugh every single time. Artyra even wrote me a story about it.
☀ My lamb looks like a pink tribble. It's a fluffy ball with eyes.
☀ There are monsoons. All the other characters kept telling me to stay inside, and any time my character wasn't running or had her fishing pole in the water, the wind was pushing her to the left. It was *hilarious*.

In summary: I LOVE THIS GAME. ♥♥♥

In other news, I've signed up for Rare Pair Fest and PR Femslash Ficathon. Rarepairfest was because I was blackmailed talked into it by [personal profile] rosabelle. I have no idea why I signed up for Femslash. Maybe I'm a sucker for punishment.

* In answer to anyone else who shares [personal profile] rosabelle's immediate question, no, you can't have your girl marry other girls in the Harvest Moon games. This series is about marrying and having a baby and continuing a family legacy as a farmer. ... And apparently farmers can't adopt.

But it's cute, so I'll live with it.
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Friday, April 5th, 2013 12:19 am
I refuse to discuss any actual progress/lack of progress on my CampNano because it seems like everytime I talk about my novels, I stop writing them. Suffice to say I've already achieved my true goal for the month. My other goals ... not so much.

Then today I decided to help my lack of writing by being really stupid and fetching a small TV from storage that nobody wants and hooking it up to Brother's PS2 so I can play Harvest Moon: It's a Wonderful Life again.

End result: Three days into video game. Wordcount for the day: 20. (I think.)
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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 10:52 am
... And no one else seems to be. -Sighs-

It's been a very quiet week for me. Shoulder update )

Brother and I did some goofing off around after my checkup. I bought movies I shouldn't have (In my defense, they were cheap and I was replacing a few old VHS I can't watch anymore.), and browsed a few other stores. We saw Here Comes the Boom. It was cute. A little predictable and there was one scene that literally made me gag x.x, but otherwise a very sweet movie. And I like the soundtrack. ^_^

We watched our new movies on Saturday, but other than that I've mostly been sitting quietly in my room playing Sims3. Sims3! )

NaNo! ) For anyone who isn't already Writing Buddies with me or just wants to see what I'm working on, you can find me here.

For now I'm browsing the internets, saving writing advice and tools, listening to music, saving fanfics for reading later, and lamenting the loss of my RealPlayer download video option. I'm enjoying the quiet and time to relax, but at the same time? Damn, I miss working. -Sighs-
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Thursday, January 19th, 2012 10:38 am
Something about this song - awesome vid not withstanding - makes me think of Justin. Especially now that he's all grown up and .... yeah. Yet another song I'd love to see a PR vid to.

So ... I've been feeling a bit anti-social lately. Depressed, I suppose. I think more than anything I'm frustrated because I don't seem to be getting anywhere. At least, not where I *want* to be. I'm trying, but ... After awhile, it starts becoming harder to keep trying. Because there's only so much rejection and lack of progress a person can take. I'm not at the point of feeling truly hopeless - thankfully - but frustrated and worn. It's grating.

The past week or so in review, complete with babbling. )

Oh, and my paid LiveJournal account has finally expired. This only matters because I will miss my many icons. -Sulks- Dreamwidth is turning out to be better than I expected after my last experiment with it, but I still want more icons. And my Anime Faces mood theme. The kanji is nice, but not the same.

Today I plan to cheer myself up with mindless coding! Namely posting stories on AO3 and working on my website. (Coding is another 'zen' thing for me; I blame my inner graphic designer.) I also plan to stare at FtD and Cataclysm for awhile in hopes of thinking of ways I can torture people. That's always fun. Feeling Emo much? OF COURSE NOT.

* It is a strange but true fact that watching Bones makes me hungry. I have no idea why.
** I want someone to write me a fic where Hannah and Brennan are teasing Booth about having a threesome. Initially I was all for an actual threesome, but now that I know Booth's VERY Catholic and would never go for it, I'm more entertained by the thought of the girls tormenting him while he's horrified by the idea.